Sunday, December 18, 2005

Toast and Jam

Those crazy cats over at google have just released a new firefox extension that that tells you what people are saying about every site you view in your browser - it hooks into google blogsearch, and displays a bit of "toast" (you know, those pop-up thingys that notify you when something happens?) for each comment that people have posted about You can evern post directly to your blog from the little window, if you feel inclined to reply.

So I'm surfing around, and I can read people's comments as I go. That's pretty cool. But having this thing pop up and down like a yo-yo every time I click a link is a bit disconcerting. I'll give it a go for a while, and see what I think.

In other exciting toast related news, I made plum jam this weekend. It was pretty yummy. If you want to make it too, here's the recipe I used (note that I followed it pretty much to the letter, except for the wasps).

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