Thursday, December 08, 2005

And now... Handbags.

I know I'm not supposed to blog about my Google ads - but this is just a little weird. For some reason, my site is now showing a big funky looking advert for Gucci Handbags. How that ties in with my site you probably have no idea.

But strangely, I do.

For ages now, I've been working on a draft post about handbags. I know, you don't believe me, but it's true! I was trying to figure out how I could tell everyone about a great friend of mine who's started a handbag business, without appearing to be some kind of blogging pimp.

ElizaClare specialises in some of the coolest handbags you've ever seen. Those Wilson girls sure know how to make incredible things. If you are looking for a really special present for a special lady in your life, you should go and check them out. Heck, you should just check them out anyway, because they are so cool looking.

Meanwhile, what I want to know, is if Google are searching through my draft posts. Or somehow indexing my daily thoughts. Coz that would just be plain creepy and strange... Well one would be strange. And one would be a little creepy. Surely my drafts are my own?

Is this Google being evil? or just a freak co-incidence?


  1. well first of all let me say congratulations to your friend for the handbag store...they have this sort of a funky look which attracts the eye... and second of all i dont think that google is evil... it might be just mere coincedence... so dont worry bout it..

  2. Yeah - I think it's prolly a conicidence, too.

    It was just a bit freaky...

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Thanks Gordon :)

    I love you

    Samantha xox

  4. It may be a little more than coincidence, if you are saving your post (the one in progress) and not publishing it, google's spiders will pick up on it, as i had a post i was working on, saveing and not publishing for about a week, strangly enough, i was getting adds appearing that had absolutely nothing to do with my blog.. upon deletin the unfinished(unpublished) post the adds strangely vanished..evil no.. clever yes (btw, nice blog)

  5. Thanks! I was wondering if that might be the case...

    If it is, well, that sucks. They're drafts, right? They should be exempt from indexing.