Friday, August 12, 2005

To the nice kid who stole my phone from my car,

What exactly was the point?

I'm all by myself at home now, and I don't know where my family is, and all you have is a useless bit of electronics that can't be used for anything, because the people at Telstra have disabled it from functioning in any way (other than perhaps throwing it at a dog that chases after you as you jump fences in suburbia, trying the handles of other parked cars. )

So, we both lose. My insurance company whom I pay regularly won't replace my phone, because they have a clause in the policy that specifically excludes claims against mobile phones stolen from cars - by people like you. You ransacked my car ashtray (because nobody uses them for cigarettes anymore) ,and stole 10 bucks in change, and then you took my phone. Fair enough with the ten bucks -you could probably buy something nice from the tuck shop - but the phone? It's useless to you, and it makes my life extra hard.

So, in an effort to protect myself from you and your skanky friends next time, I've installed a special theft-detterent in my car ashtray:

Yeah. That'll learn ya.

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