Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ok, you got me. Who's got you?

Scott finds his subscribers. I'm with Lindsay - all aboard the cluetrain. If you haven't discovered the ability to use technorati (or a bunch of other search engines) to find out what your customers think of whatever it is you do, then you'd better get cracking.

Who knows what they're saying about you?

I mean really, there must be guys over at Apple suffering aggregator meltdown right now....

Meanwhile, with the Context ICE pre-release being made available to partners tomorrow, my eyeballs are feeling kind of scratchy on the inside...I'm super proud of the ICE product team though - there's been a whole lot of hard work to get this far. Nearly there guys!

On top of all this, Stilly and I are trying to write the keynote for the TUF conference in WA next week. So far our plans for the talk involve extreme demos, engineering blueprints for the "wheel of demo" and a $40,000 Robot Assistant. Course, some of that probably won't make it...

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