Monday, August 08, 2005

Hey look- A Shiny New Template!

Mmmm. Templatey.

I finally got around to creating a template all my own. (Well, largely. I stole a lot of bits.)

After staring idly at the new template for ages, I finally decided I think I like it.

(If any of you HTML readers are troubled by the background, let me know.)

The wave behind this text is the legendary break that is Teahupoo in Tahiti - the heaviest wave in the world.

To celebrate, I felt like a drink, so I bought some Kirov Lemon-Lime Vodka, which has a very peculiar taste I couldn't quite figure out. Eventually it dawned on me - It tastes exactly as though you squeezed out a whole bunch of KFC "refresher towellettes" into a glass.


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