Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy BlogDay!

Hello blogographers.

I'm too tired to write much or follow the blogday protocol

Here's five bloggers I like that you might not have read.
  • Amy Hoy - a ruby on rails expert who has a lovely and throroughly entertaining writing style
    |web |rss
  • Matt Homann - a lawyer who has a lot to say - often thought provoking
    |web |rss
  • Steve Pavlina - become a better person, or mark as read - it's up to you.
    |web |rss
  • KrazyDad (Jim Bumgardner) - a smart, clever nerd who's programming skill and brilliant graphics software are always inspiring
    |web |rss
  • Cameron Barrett - probably the first blogger I ever read, well before RSS, who appears to have dissapeared into The Amazing Race...
    | web |rss
Mmmm. Sleep. :^)


  1. Thanks for the kind words and the link.

  2. My god, someone is actually reading my blog! And now five people are reading yours. Pretty cool, this whole internet thing. Gonna catch on, I think...

    Thanks for the nod :)

  3. hehe! yeah - maybe... could just be a passing fad ;^)... you're most welcome!