Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Unit testing and style

Had a moderate amount of fun playing with Parasoft's.Test today - it generates N-Unit tests from your .NET code. The tests it generates aren't super clever - it won't be able to tell what your functions actually supposed to do (as Simon said - "If it can do that why doesn't it just write the code for you already!") - but it does do a huge amount of testing of types and looking for null exceptions etc. I fed it a pretty small project (12 Classes) and it produced about 1630 various tests - 400 of which failed... I figure that if we fix them, we've got better code right? It also provides stubs for you to fill in based around your business function. I think it's worth spending some more time with it.

Ooh - Picasa V2 is out! Go and get it now. If you have a digital camera and a Windows PC - you really, really need this program. It's wonderfully designed with just the right functions to manage all your digital photographs, without confusing you with any wierdo nerdy computer crap.. Whatever you're using to manage your photos now, I guarantee you will throw away - Or I'll personally give you double the price of Picasa back...

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