Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Spit Beer at TV

I made a resolution today. One that I plan to keep for the rest of my life. Ready?
Here Goes....

I will never, ever again watch the Channel Ten News as long as I live.

I know that's bold, but there you go. I can not believe the level of stoopid "News-Tainment" total , utter toilet clippings they pass off as journalism. And it dawned on me the other night as I was watching something really important about Brad and Jennifer, that I don't actually have to watch this crap! I can turn it off! so now, everytime I hear their serious news theme, I'm going to turn the TV off, or walk out. Save money on all that spat out beer. And cleaning.

I was thinking of writing some software that did speech recognition on the newsreader, and then everytime there was an adjective blowout , automatically e-mailed a complaint to the station - you know stuff like " A Heart-Breaking Decision for a Lonely Panda", "A Horrifying, Barbaric Act of Cruelty to handbags." etc..

So, maybe not all spam is bad?

(My wife brings me wine. I do so love her.)

Is it just me? or does Mr Incredible look like Steve Ballmer?

(that's not to say that I look like Steve Ballmer - what I meant was, am I the only one who sees the resemblence between them.)

Regardless of whether you do or not, that's still disturbing...


  1. If you had been down at the beach, like me, then you wouldn't have had access to a television and you wouldn't have been spitting out perfectly good beer. Instead, you would have been swallowing perfectly good seawater... What a bloody fantastic day!

  2. By God, you're right!!! See Evidence

  3. Well, that settles it then. somebody at Pixar must've been a spy for Microsoft. Terrorism knows no bounds.

    And give me swallowing seawater over spitting beer any day.