Monday, January 03, 2005

So, on a whim...

I've decided to start a blog.

Ahem.. That's pretty amazing. (in a very non-amazing sort of way.)

This year is kinda critical for me - it's the thirty-first time I've been around the sun, which is not really that relevant, but I'm still proud of it nonetheless..

The criticality lies in my decision to label this year (as I tend to label every year) to be Gord's year of enterprise.

Really, it's all about surfing. Surfing is more fun than work. Surfing doesn't pay very well. (or anything for that matter, unless you're really really good - which I'm not.) So, I'm going to have to use the skills I have in software development to allow me to get to a point where I can go surfing whenever I want. This means developing a product that I can sell to people for money. so I can go surfing and not go broke at the same time.

I always liked the idea that software could give people more time to play. Now I want that to be true for me.

In between the enterprise, I've got to manage my 9-5, hang out with my amazing wife, and four terrific kids...

Remeber that feeling when you were a kid and somebody was forcing you to do something that you weren't sure would be fun? You know, like riding a big waterslide, or a motor bike, or bungy jumping or something? That's pretty much how I'm feeling now... Except I'm giving myself the shove and screaming at the same time...

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