Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm an energetic hypothetic version of another person

Noodling away at Jack Johnson's Posters trying to figure out how he plays the intro. Jack reminds me of Jimi sometimes. In that they both string a beautiful melodic selection of notes that get together underneath a lyric. You know Jimi's Angel? - like those pretty notes after he sings "Came down from heaven yesterday.. ". Anyways - enough musical wankery.

My arms are still aching from surfing all weekend with Alex and Ian. Got a few nice waves on the Saturday Evening - Sunday was a bit lame. Still, lots of paddling makes your arms sore - regardless of the waves. I can't believe the number of people at the South Coast these days. One guy joked that if you got a decent run-up on the headland, you could get all the way to the other end of the beach just by jumping on surfers...

I gotta work on my top turns more - I can make the bottom turn nearly every time, but I almost always fall off trying to turn off the top of the wave. Something to practice in my head. Practicing in your head seems to work quite well for surfing. You just keep going over it as if you're actually doing it. I remember reading somewhere that they did a study on fat people who did exercise, fat people who did no exercise, and fat people who just thought about doing exercise. Apparently the thinkers showed a noticeable improvement when compared to the do-nothing guys.

Spent the day poking around with FinalBuilder - it's a pretty good product, despite some annoying foibles with the UI. We've now got an automated build script for our latest project. This raises our score on the Joel Test somewhat. I figure we're running at around 9. Not that I think that's particularly vital - it feels like a great team, and that's a way better indicator.


  1. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Hi Gordon,
    I'm a developer for FinalBuilder, and would be very interested in your comments on the UI.
    (in Canberra too!)

  2. Hi Tate,

    I just got kind of frustrated trying to use drag and drop to position actions - once you discover the up,down and indent outdent buttons it becomes a lot easier.

    I also got confused trying to find my favorite action in the big lists of stuff that FB can do (until I found the filter thingy at the top, which made it really easy.)

    Ooh - and The Copy Files action seems to return success even when it fails - that threw me for a while...

    Keep up the good work, though. Your efforts saved me a ton of work this week!