Friday, January 07, 2005

I Hate My Guts.

Why, oh why do I eat Chili? It makes my tummy really sore.
Oh well. (writing post curled up in ball)

The guys down the street from us have lodged a long and very very boring complaint about somebody building a bigger house in the street. The complaint is all full of "bring down the general tone of the neighborhood" and "impinge on the privacy" and nah nah nah The funny thing is, these people live in an enormous house that they just built, and are at least 5 houses away from this "Monstrosity of urban development". I wonder why people would care?

For anybody else who wants to come and live in my street, you can live in an enormous pumpkin, or a great big house shaped like a wanger if you like.

I mean, you have to live in it. It's utterly no concern of mine.

Of course those folks down the road will absolutley blow a pooper valve, so maybe it's not gonna happen... ;^)

Mez pointed me at this site, which is truly magical.

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