Saturday, January 07, 2006

Gord's American Adventure - Friday

Today I headed out to visit a customer who was about to deploy TRIM Context and ice. It's really quite rare that our development staff get out to visit a customer. These guys, like a lot of US federal government sites were literally just over the road from The White House. So after I'd overcome my fascination with American History, and lived out this mild TV star fantasy that I was in an episode of The West Wing ( I must admit I turned up my collar against the Washington cold in a very Josh Lyman-like way when I got out of the car - but I'm pretty sure no-one was looking), I was set to get to work.

I know I've probably carried on about it too much here, but I really like to improve the way people work. It was extra cool to see how ice, and the TRIM platform could so easily solve the business problems these guys were facing.

After that we grabbed some lunch at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant. Try as I may, I still fail to understand the whole table service - tipping thing. I have to admit - I really don't like it when super keen and extra-friendly staff interrupt a conversation to ask if "everything's okay?"

I mean - I'm talking to my friends and colleagues. Can't you just leave us alone? To me, it's just so weird - In Australia, if people are chatting, the waiters/waitresses don't interrupt. That would be rude. As Dean pointed out though, a lot of American custom with cuisine and dining was inherited from the French. Which is probably better than the English. Although it does mean that you can't get meat pies in America...

After Work, a bunch of the guys (and gals) went out to a popular Mexican place - the Rio Grande , where I discovered that there is indeed a premium Corona beer - it's called Modelo Especial, and I thought it was great. (I may not share that view in the morning though. These guys sure know how to drink.)

Tomorrow I'm going to go and live at Greenie's house, and watch the football. Apparently you can throw the ball forward! Whatever. According to popular rumour, there is a beer keg in the basement!

God Bless America...

Oh, and the night before, we went to an Outback Steakhouse! (It's okay LHS, I'm bringing you back a real colour menu.) Suffice to say that it was "Bonzer Tucker", but the "Big Blokes' Beer" called for a "Big Blokes Piss" fairly shortly after consumption...

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