Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Florida Keys

I arrived in Florida today for the TOWER Software Trim User Forum and Partner Conferences, which are being held back to back this week. I'm going to be giving a series of talks about ice, our new web client, and discussing how people can get the most out of it with their ECM deployments. Florida is amazing - lots of water, and nice and warm. The view from my hotel is pretty impressive. I'll post some pictures later...

Washington DC was great - Thanks to my old mate Greenie from back home, and his lovely wife Candy, Woofy II and I got to see all the sights, including the Lincoln Memorial, and share a little bit of the American Dream out in Herndon, a neighborhood just west of DC.

We drank beer, Watched an NFL football game on the big screen, and even went to see the Washington Capitals play Ice Hockey against the Florida Panthers, with all the Australians we could find. It's funny the ex-pat thing. Out of the 11 of us, there was only one American...Ice Hockey is one really bizarre game for the uninitiated, like me. It seems like they stop the game every 3 minutes for something. Sometimes it seems like they stop the game just so the crowd can sing a song. And about the only rule I could pick up on was that if you put the little puck thingy in the net, then that is what's called a 'goal'. Apart from that, it seems pretty much anything goes. You can just whack the crap out of each other, catch the puck with your hands, stop it with your feet, and punch whoever you like.

Anyway, it was lots of fun - the Caps went down in a shootout after being 3 all at regular time.

So now I'm busy preparing demonstrations and practicing talks - I'm determined to get through both these two conferences without having the product do something unexpected. TOWER always do live demonstrations of our software - and so far, something has gone slightly weird for me every time. Not this time. I'm going to stay up all night rehearsing (and praying to the patron saint of software demonstrations...)

Hey - did anyone else notice that the word "demonstration" has the word "demons" in it?.. Maybe that's the problem...


  1. Some creepily relevant and motivational anagrams for 'demonstration' just to keep your stress levels up there:

    "Innermost Toad"
    "Transient Doom"
    "Marooned Stint"
    "Inert Mastodon"
    "Demotion Rants"
    "Mrs Detonation"
    "Dominant Store"
    "No Aid Torments"
    "Ton Not Admires"
    "One Man Distort"
    "Doormat sent in"
    "Tone is Dormant"
    "Trod on Inmates"
    "Or Instant Demo"
    "Attends In Room"
    "Intends to Ram"
    "Send at Monitor"
    "Dreamt Notions"
    "Don't to Seminar"
    "Smitten on Road"
    "Stormed Nation!"
    "Torment on Dais"
    "TRIM Son Atoned"
    "Disarm onto NET"
    "Noon Tit Dreams"
    "Minor as dotNet"
    "Do a TRIM Sonnet"
    "Stoned on a TRIM"

  2. Holy Crap!

    Okay. Far from being a little creeped out, Now I'm just downright terrified.

    Back to those Noon Tit Dreams...