Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bad, Lazy Blogger

When I left to travel this cute little world we all inhabit and inhibit, I decided that I would post all my adventures as soon as they happened. But, I'm so busy and jetlagged, that I haven't really wanted to post anything. So, here's a preview of coming attractions - posts that I've composed in my head and never got around to posting.

  • The NA TUF Conference, and how cool it was
  • The drive across the state of Florida, down Aligator Alley
  • The Miami Hotel that was in Goldfinger, that we stayed at
  • Crazy Americans, and how weird that country can be
  • Kris, Mel and Craig, and how they all rule for different reasons
  • Trying to get into the Miami Airport Lounge
  • The Drive with the crazy russian immigrant
  • The Cantley House Hotel, or how a giant cat nearly killed me
  • A random departure to Bristol
  • The Hitchock Rules

So, yeah, there's much to catch up on. Stay tuned for more ranting and general silliness.

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