Sunday, October 02, 2005

Every body needs a holiday


I like holidays. After driving for two days, (the kids were generally great, but I have learned that it's not a good idea to to fill your seat-belt clicker with magic gum) we made it up here to Mooloolaba, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

I finally got back in the water! To my surprise, I didn't suck as much as I would've thought, although my paddling muscles are really, really sore. Doesn't take to long to get back a bit of surf-fitness though - lots of 6am starts... The swell here is pretty awful, and catching choppy beach-breaks is a skill that I am really far away from mastering. Still, lots of fun.

So far, we've seen koalas at Noosa, been out to a massive salt water lake called lake Cootharaba, which is about three kilometers wide and about sixteen inches deep. It's weird to see your three year old dissapearing into the middle of a lake. We've paddled the canoe around the Maroochy River, lay on the beach and generally had a lot of fun.

With all the respect in the world to my colleagues and customers, this is much more fun than work.

Oh - and I picked up the latest edition of Tracks Magazine, becuase they had a poster of this shot in Teahupoo, which I posted about ages ago. Much to my head-scratching surprise, the author guy had captioned the photo with my comment about needing "brown board-shorts".

Now I have no idea if he read my blog or not, but it's a nice story, and there were those little double quote marks around the comment...I like the thought that I might have contributed three tiny and stupid words to the most seminal surfing publication in the country.

Cool, this internet thing.

Oh and Double Oh - My Sister Kirilee has been shredding the waves in the leadup to the RipCurl GromSearch which started today - apparently she won her last heat and made the finals in the under 16 and the Semis in the Open class. Go Kizz! you rock.

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