Sunday, June 05, 2005

Things that made me smile today

A little Asian boy, who must've been barely 1, determined to try out his new-found walking skills, but who obstinately refused to take his mother's constantly outstretched, flickering hand.

A hardtop Suzuki Jiminy from about 1982, with a yellowed 'Free Tibet' sticker on the back, and the back seat chock full of bags of bean bag beans, making a wayward right turn towards the university residences in Turner, blowing lots of blue smoke on each gear change.

Two sisters, standing on their front lawn in shiny new pink plastic raincoats and gumboots, while their mother sprayed them with the garden hose. ( It hasn't rained in Canberra for over 2 months now)

My son Reuben, trying (unsuccessfully) to use the game of Simon Says as a sinister ruse to get his Dad and sister to jump into the swimming pool at the AIS with their clothes on.

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