Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I hate that AJAX is a thing.

Helping to contribute to the marketing efforts for my latest project, I came to the somewhat unpleasant realisation that AJAX (man, I cringe each time I use that term) has marketing collateral. I wrote my first xmlhttp script that manipulated the DOM back when I was working in Tax in 99. So, it's certainly not anything new.

But as Cam says, a snazzy acronym, and a ringing endorsement from the big end of town, and all of a sudden our marketing story has got a simple, sexy word to describe what we've got over our competition.

So, I guess it's bring out the AJAX dancing girls...


  1. Nice photo to the right, poser.

  2. Hey! at least I look sexy, and not like I just got out of prison

    That's right Still-boy. You can't hide from the wayback machine.