Thursday, April 28, 2005

The twelve minute post

Bored and wandering around the sydney airport, waiting to go home after the gartner ADIWS conference. Internet connectivity was really hard to come by at the conference, so I wrote posts offline, which I'll post later - suffice to say that, while there were some really intriguing and useful elements, there was also a ball-bouncing amount of unadulterated architecture wank like I've never heard.

It was interesting to realise that most of the people who deploy TRIM (there are lots of customers on the attendee list) have architects who are dealing with all these big IT system problems, and more importantly, have the power to chuck out, integrate or replace legacy systems. I'm not sure if TOWER has a marketing strategy for these enterprise architects (very few of the ones I spoke to were aware of TRIM), but if not there's possibly some imperative to do so sometime soon.

Curse this crappy internet kiosk! Some engineering genius at webpoint decided to prevent people from resetting the shabby windows box under all this shiny plastic, they'd glue down the control and alt keys! Control + Z just prints rows of zzzzzzzz's. And who knows how many creepy fingers have poked slime all over this seedy thing. Ew. Time to go....

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