Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Deploy the GSR2S!

I spent some of today reviewing resumes for a position at TOWER Software. I also devised the GoodGord Shabby Resume Rating System.

The GSR2S is a scale of one to five, with one being good and five being bad. I don't know why I did it that way. That's how the top forty works, but maybe that's not the best model. Anyway.
in the unlikely event that I'm hiring you one day, here's the good oil on how it works:

  1. Looks like a potential hire. Will Interview.
  2. Looks like a potential hire, but something is in the way - work permit, other hassle, or something else that would basically make them less attractive than a 1
  3. Had the right skills for the position, but something about the resume or portfolio made me feel creepy. Wrote their entire resume in Comic Sans MS, for instance. Their blog bitches and moans about everyone they know...
  4. Had limited exposure to the required skillset, or no supplementary evidence. Had a really long boring resume that was over 5 pages long and had a table of contents. Couldn't proofread an application or spell.
  5. Appeared to be some sort of deranged person. Can't construct sentences that make any sense.
It's weird, but the kind of spelling errors you get in this era of spellcheckers mean that everything tends to be spelt correctly, but the sentences get stupid. I got two people today who knew "how to calibrate well in a team" (Some reverse engineering of the Word spellchecker led me to "collaborate"). One guy even told me that he "was proficient in common software development mythologies" (Hey - that's funny and true - Microsoft should hire that guy for the longhorn team...)

Why doesn't the blogger spellchecker know how to spell 'blog','blogger' or 'spellchecker'? Possibly because they're not actually words...

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