Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Le Minivan trop-plein!

What sort of crazy people jump in the car to go North to Canada in Winter?

Well, that would be me and my family. We're currently in Quebec, Quebec - the most French place in Canada. My French is limited. No, check that, it's actually somewhere between non-existent and hopeless. Thanks to Madame Brown in Year 9, I can sort of say some stuff. (Most of it wrong) Anyway, we've been enjoying the snow - so far there's been just under a metre.

We've been swimming outside in -17 degrees, Cross country skiing in Montreal, been to the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa (including the coolest children's museum) driven through the driving snow (It was driven mainly by the wind) and somehow, haven't managed to drive each other crazy - despite having eight people in our dodge minivan.

(we managed to rope Ali's sister Jen and my Sister Kirilee into the adventure.)

Anyways - there's free internet here at the best western in Quebec, so I'll try to get some pictures and more impressions up soon. Adieu!

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