Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Path Less Travelled...

Speaking of Red and Blue Pills, one of my oldest friends has bravely declined the suppository in favour of starting along his own path.

Marimba is a service designed to connect music students and teachers using some of the latest "Web 2.0" technology (there are only a few months left where I'll actually be able to write that phrase...)

Cam Grant is one of the smartest and most talented people I know. Besides teaching me all about XML way before it was cool, A long time ago (can it really be more than ten years?) he introduced me to Jazz Fusion, by bringing home a box set of Weather Report CDs.

And now, he's decided to create his own kind of fusion from his two great passions, technology and music.

But let's face it, technology is really only of interest when it does something amazing. By helping musicians become better, and to improve and grow, Cam's really helping to fill the world with new music - which is just a truly inspiring thing to be doing.

If you're planning on being the next Jaco Pastorius, you're a music teacher, or you are just thinking of taking up those piano lessons from when you quit in the seventh grade, you should drop by and bookmark - I have no doubt that it will be worthwhile for you - and maybe for all of us :)

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