Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My new favourite movie

Nearly 100 percent of the time, Cable TV in America dishes up the most inane garbage, very rarely worthy of any comment. And yet, sometimes... well, suffice to say that thanks to Encore, I now have a new favourite movie - North Shore, from 1987. How can this be so? Well, because of the following:
  • Awesome Surf Footage,
  • A ridiculous cheesy plot line about a surfer from Arizona (yes, Arizona) who wins a surfing contest in a wave pool, and then decides to go to O'ahu to surf the Pipeline Classic.
  • Cheesy eighties music soundtrack, that includes Journey and Pseudo Echo,
  • Awesome Surf Footage,
  • A truly terrible love story straight out of a Sweet Valley High book.
  • Lots of gratuitous shots of chicks lying on the beach in ugly eighties bikinis,
  • A bunch of 'Bad Ass' Hawaiian locals,
  • Actual cameos from amazing real life surfers like Mark Occhilupo, Laird Hamilton and Gerry Lopez; and
  • Awesome Surf Footage.
I mean, really, could there possibly be anything more you could need in a movie?

I don't think there is...

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