Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How do you buy the internet?

One startup at a time, I guess...

Google just announced the acquisition of one of the coolest little wiki engines ever, JotSpot.

I've always been quite a fan of the technology and the approach behind JotSpot. (Any company that has a regular hackathon is okay with me!)It will be great to see what google can do to bring the wiki to the masses.

Wikis are definitely my favourite collaboration tools. All those other "big C" collaboration, joint editing instant messagey things (like Groove) all seem to be a bit intimidating.

are easy to use, and they have instant appeal - people can see the value really quickly.

Which is kind of like Google, really...

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  1. Your enthusiasm for wikis is shared by the US intelligence community which has just announced "Intellipedia", the secret squirrel version of Wikipedia. Apparently this will ensure that intelligence mistakes (such as the "national intelligence estimate that said Saddam Hussein possessed large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction") will not happen again.