Monday, August 21, 2006


I decided it was time for a new HTML template - thanks to the folk over at, makers of fine xhtml chicanery, I managed to piece together this kind of web 2.0 something or other thing using the magic of the blogger markup language. Nothing says 'web 2.0' like those wacky diagonal stripes in the header...

I decided I wanted less "busy-ness", and then I decided I had too much whitespace (can you have 'too much' whitespace?) so I added my random coloured squares down the left.

Interestingly, through some awesome mind-reading javascript programming, if you click one of the squares that best matches your mood, it will take you to a web page that allows you some insight into your true self.

Anyway, I'll leave this in place for a while, and see how things go. There's a brand new version of blogger in beta now, so when that arrives, things will probably get shaken up some more...


  1. It would be cool if the links in the coloured squares were the same size as the squares. At the moment I have to mouse around for a bit before I find the magic pixels.

  2. Done - I also hid the status message, to prolong the mystery...

  3. Like the new look.

    Bit concerned about my mood though - the mindreading software took me to "Maximum reported B-17 & B-24 bomb loads".

  4. nah - looks a bit microshaft default !