Sunday, June 11, 2006

Good Morning, USA!

A couple of days sleep does wonderful things for you. I woke up this morning feeling great. My luggage and I now co-exist at (approximately) the same part of space-time, which means I have clothes, toiletries and my ukulele - yay!

I had a great conversation with the housekeeping attendant, Alberto - my Spanish was better than his English, which is really sad, because my Spanish is pretty much completely non-existent. Still, it's nice to see that people really just relate to each other, no matter that they can't understand the higher concepts. We talked about music and children and the complexities of English. And he gave me lots of free coffee.

Maybe it's just too much coffee and years of childhood TV, but today I'm filled with this weird patriotic exuberance. Despite the bureaucracy, and the many strange things that I've encountered in America, (like injectable chicken marinade, and 3 pound bags of beef jerky for instance), I'm proud to be an American today. It just seems like anything is possible.

Only in America can you find "Injectable Butt' - Complete with Syringe...

In actual fact, what will probably happen is that I'll read up on the new sharepoint stuff, play some DS, watch the world cup (if I can figure out which of the 85 channels it will be on), and then head out to Kris and Mel's for what I think is supposed to be called a cookout, but when you have more Aussies than Americans, I think you can still call it a barbie. Even if there's no sausages (no, really...)

Oh and I saw fireflies last night! They are really cool. I can't wait till my kids get over here, because then I'll have an excuse to go and catch them..

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