Wednesday, May 17, 2006


If you are, and you'd like to get on board the blogging thing to save you having to send regular spam mail to assorted family and friends, you could do much worse than checkout - a kind of virtual backpacker tracker, that allows folks to post their adventures online, complete with photos and a funky, interactive "travel-line" (you know, the magic flying red line that traces your path on the map?)

Kiera from the MLOT team invited me to review the site, and it seems to me like they've done a good job - it's easy to use, and the individual blogs look pretty cool. It could also serve as a useful resource for people planning a trip - you could find out great places to go, (and great places not to go...) It's all free, too.

The problem I've discovered with blogging is that you only seem to do it when nothing interesting is happening. When crazy busy things are going on, you seem to have much less time on your hands to write it all down... Which is maybe why the blogosphere seems to fill up with boring twaddle... Or furiously typed brain dumps like this one...

Never mind. Mum will be glad to know that you're ok, regardless :)

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