Monday, April 03, 2006

Sneak Peak at ICE 1.1

The latest version of Context ice (1.1) has been the sole focus of my working life for so long, that I have trouble recalling whatever else it is I've done...

The arrival of April puts us one month out from our release date, so for those folks who stumble into Over The Falls looking for info on TRIM Context ice, I thought you might appreciate a quick overview of some of the cool new features.

We've added new UI enhancements to make it easier to work with TRIM Data.
You can enter dates using a neat little DHTML widget.
Editing Classification and Thesaurus terms is easier than ever with our new AJAX powered browser controls.
We've refined and improved the code used for dropdown boxes, so that it updates in real time, and makes it clearer exactly what object you're looking for.

We're working on some useful tools to help you work with records - notably to manage multiple record actions, and enhanced our Active Labels feature to make it easier to understand (and less annoying...)

Underneath, the architecture has been overhauled to work closely with TRIM, and administrators can now specify the location of their drafts - so the solution can be deployed into a load balanced environment with a single drafts folder.

There's also a complete customization package, which allows folks to easily customize their ice instance using an intuitive drag and drop template generator tool (no HTML!) Of course, if you want to write some HTML, you can - there's a comprehensive guide that explains the template language, how it works, and contains heaps of examples.

Now all we need to do is finish it on time. I'm fortunate that I work with a skilled bunch of smart people who aren't afraid of hard work. There have been some late nights this far - and there's a few more to come... So far I haven't even been tempted to reach for the Project Excuse Generator!

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