Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter at Blackhead

Camping out on the headland, miles from anywhere. Big swell, off-shore winds, clear crisp nights and smoke from the wood fire. Sometimes it's so rewarding to get out from under the pressure of your life and just be a family of humans.


  1. Anonymous7:35 pm

    yes boring one, your life is so full of angst...

  2. Pressure and angst are not the same. As you infer, my life has very little angst. And, if I'm boring, at least I'm outwardly boring. It's better than being anonymously mean...

  3. Anonymous8:13 pm

    being anonomously mean is better than being overtly stupid...

  4. But being both anonymous, mean and stupid would be worst of all...
    Why does it matter to you?

  5. Lindsay9:12 pm

    (anonymous mean stupid person) please acknowledge my existence I am really important! (/anonymous mean stupid person)

    meh - people who aren't prepared to stand behind what they say aren't worth the electrons.

  6. being anonomously mean is better than being overtly stupid...

    And yet you manage to be both...

  7. Richy McRichRich1:08 am


    I would like to personally thank you for being so boring. In these hectic days of fast cars, loose women, and massive stock options, it's hard for me to understand the little people any more. By giving me a glimpse into an average person's life, you make it easier for me to feel at least some empathy towards my servants as I boss them around.


  8. jonron8:17 am

    personally I can't bothered with snide underhand c**nts. Gordo your a fab guy, stick with it kid. jonron