Saturday, February 18, 2006

My house hates me.

It's true.

This is a list of the things that have exploded, broken or otherwise ceased to function in my house in the last two months:

Dishwasher (x2) - Pump broken, 350$+ to replace - abandoned.
VCR - won't load tapes without chewing them and jamming - binned.
Clock Radio - mysteriously crushed - binned.
Microwave Oven - spontaneously ceased to function. No explanation - binned.
Regular Oven - spontaneously ceased to function. Still sitting in kitchen wall.
Dryer - exploded. Still fixed to Laundry wall.
Washing Machine - wouldn't spin. repaired after 200$ and three visits from repairman.
Television Set - displays thin line instead of picture - binned.
Kettle - won't work - binned.
Bose Lifestyle Stereo - amplifier sends no signal - still in lounge room.
Range Hood - doesn't work at all - still nailed to ceiling.
Iron - fell apart and leaked rust all over clothes. Replaced.

Oh, and a CD Rom exploded in my PC, shattering plastic shards all over the place, and rendering it incapable of reading any optical media. Which isn't that bad, at least the PC still works.

On top of the frustration of not being able to use these things, I now also have a giant pile of useless appliances, that I can't get rid of.

What's going on! Is this just an extreme case of "They don't make 'em like they used to?"

I suspect that my house is trying to show me the error of my consumerist ways by gradually destroying everything I own.

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