Thursday, February 16, 2006

Holy Popularity Contest, Batman!

A Big congratulations to everybody's favourite googlebot, Mikal, for his appearance in the Feedster top 500.


That means that (according to Feedster), our humble bespectacled nerd friend has only 119 other blogs in the entire (known) blogosphere that are more popular than him! He's more popular than DJ Adam Curry, The hilarious Rory Blyth, Celebrity Nerd Will Wheaton (Wesley Crusher), and even Doc Searls, co-author of the cluetrain, and practically the inventor of the modern blogosphere.

That is a truly bizzare thing. Onya, Stillbert.

And this link is dedicated to my friend Simon, who got a pretend parking ticket. Which is quite lucky, really.


  1. Hey, don't forget that I was in the last Top500 too! Seriously though, I think there has to be something broken here... You can't tell me that I'm nearly as relevant as those other people you mention.

    Thanks for the link though... Keep up the good work and I might be futher up the list next time!

  2. "The hilarious Rory Blyth"

    You think *I'm* funny?

    You should have heard me laugh when I saw my name as the creamy center of an Adam Curry and Will Wheaton Oreo cookie :)

    Thanks for the props, yo (I still don't know what "props" are, but it seems to be what the kids are giving each other nowadays (when I was younger, we just gave each other herpes, so although I don't understand "props," it's nice to know it isn't the sort of thing that will be problematic on the dating scene or anything)).

  3. Dude, you are entirely welcome. (I think.) And nice use of concentric parentheses too! (I like a man not afraid to break into brackets (within brackets))...