Sunday, February 26, 2006

575m and rising...

I'm flying over to the UK tonight - to speak at the European Trim User Forum (TUF) next week.

I'll be talking about the new features of Context 6, discussing some of the future plans for the product and explaining how we built ice, how it works, and demonstrating some of the ways that the web framework can be used. (I know it might not sound that exciting, but it could be a life changing experience for someone in the audience. Although that's quite unlikely.)

I'll also be praying to the patron saint of software demonstrations, (as soon as I can figure out who that is). If you'd like to read a laugh-out-loud-funny-because-it's-true account of what it's like to be a presenter who suffers the consequences of not praying, check out Rory's experience.

I'm not generally a supertitious person, but some things are too important to risk...

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