Monday, October 17, 2005

Five reasons why I'll never be a pro surfer

  1. I'm not very fit
  2. I don't live anywhere near a beach
  3. There are only 44 Pro surfers in the world (or in the Men's WCT anyway)
  4. I get scared by really big waves
  5. I'm not a very good surfer.


  1. Stop yer whinging, cool surfer dood.

    1. You are fit enough.
    2. It probably takes you longer to mow your lawn than it does to get to a beach.
    3. You could always join the women's tour, that probably opens it up to 88 possible places.
    4. So do the other 44 guys.
    5. You're better than me, knob.

  2. Yeah, well, That would be good in the event that I end up surfing in the pipeline masters against you!:-P

    Still, it's nice to dream. Stupid Reality.