Saturday, September 03, 2005

Step on up and Justify!

I just impulse bought a car.

What started out as a curious, what-if-saturday-morning inquiry into maybe upgrading our crappy family bus to something more modern ended up with me walking out of National Capital Motors with a finance contract for a 2002 Toyota Tarago:

I'm not sure if it was the cheesy-used-car-salesmanesque pitch from the used-car-salesman, or solar flares, or an early onset brain disorder,or something else entirely unrelated. Whatever it was, it's now led to a serious case of post-purchase guilt.

You know-where you go over the whole thing, and this huge battle occurs in your head between Mr Justify and Mr Responsible? Maybe that's just my head...

Mr Justify: You know, it's a good idea to spend that much cash, we really did need a new car, and we'll be able to afford it, so you might as well - Money's for spending, after all...

Mr Responsible: The old car worked just fine...

Mr Justify: Yeah, but you couldn't lock any of the windows, the windscreen was cracked to bits and it bounced around like a hayride! It sucked. The new one is much cooler.

Mr Responsible: Sure- but you could have fixed all those problems in a weekend for less than a thousand dollars...

Mr Justify: Yeah, but I'm a busy man. I make enough money to have a good car, why should I have a shitty one? and why should I spend my weekends fixing cars? That sucks too!

Mr Responsible: Will you stop carrying on about things that suck? -material things shouldn't make you happy.

Mr Justify: Sure - but having a nice safe, reliable car is all we bought. It's not like I bought a new one-

Mr Responsible: -That was my influence, right there.

Mr Justify: Whatever. New car! Woo-Hoo! New car! Alright! Now we can go to the beach whenever we want! - New car! OH yeah! new car!

Mr Responsible: What about insurance? and increasing fuel prices? and poor people who don't have any cars? and polluting the environment? shouldn't you be riding your bike anyway?

Mr Justify: Whatever. New car! Woo-Hoo! New car! Alright!.

(Mr Responsible sighs deeply, starts to cry and disappears.)

That, My friends, is modern consumerism in action.

(It is a pretty cool car...Woo-Hoo! Alright!)


  1. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Hiya :)

    Glad to hear that Mr Justify wins some of the time! :)

    Sam xo

    PS: WooHoo - Cool car!

  2. Anonymous8:00 am

    Geez, I felt guilty when I bought 2 t-shirts on impulse at the Pearl Jam concert last night.

  3. Woo Hoo new Tarago. Why is Mr Justify always such a smooth talker? We had to tie ours up, gag him and file him in the "when we pay off debt" folder for now so I'm glad someone's Mr Justify is alowed out every now and then.