Friday, September 23, 2005

Open your mind and your orbits.

I have a folder in my RSS aggregator that I call "Newbies". If I find a blog I think I might like to subscribe to, I add it to the Newbies folder. If I find I like their posts, I'll promote them to the "bloggers" folder. One of the blogs I found through my referrer logs and added to the newbies folder was Bill Rini - a poker player from LA.

I thought that it might be nice to open your mind to the fact that other peoples lives and interests are entirely different from your own. But, little did I know, exactly how true this was. The latest post arrived this morning, and out of ALL the sentences, I understand approximately ZERO of them. Observe:

"I got aces cracked twice in two orbits. Both times I picked them up in the blinds and had 7 or 8 callers before it got to me. The first guy to crack me was this older Asian dude who called two cold with pocket threes and hit his set on the flop. After my aces got cracked the second time I turned to the dealer and pleaded that she not deal me any more aces. I had lost half a rack in two orbits because of those damn cards."

Oh... Yeah? Well, Man, um.. That's really cool. You know, I cracked my ace on the toilet wall. Lucky the blinds were shut. Huh? Those old Asian dudes - man, you gotta look out for them. I caught a cold once from a guy who had a nice rack, but a was a bit of a flop with the crack, if you know what I mean....

The world is an amazingly diverse place. Blog-land, doubly so...

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