Friday, September 16, 2005

Nintendo Fanboy Unleashed

I usually manage to contain my fanboy-ness, but today's unveiling of the Nintendo Revolution controller at the Tokyo Game Show made me all frothy with excitement.

I desperately want to play with one of these things. I want to slash my way through bad guys, wandering the worlds of Hyrule. I want to point at the things I want to use. I want to pick up and roll the dice in Mario Party when I'm playing with my kids. I want to battle fellow pokemon fans on the other side of the world, and race other people in Mario Kart.

Interaction is where all the magic of gaming is, and thankfully somebody is thinking outside of the (x) box. The Revolution will be able to wirelessly download and play all of your favourite Nintendo games - all the way back to 8-bit NES land, 16-bit classics, through N64 games, and still play gamecube titles. Plus who knows what cool things they'll come up with for the revolution itself.

Hats off to Nintendo for making a truly next-generation console. The more masculine and narrow minded among you can keep your kill-sim-tit-box-360's. I'm spending my next-gen cash on one of these beautiful things...

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