Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Penguins, Mouses and Tomato Sauce


My mouse is covered in tomato sauce. Wireless mouses are a bad, bad thing. If this mouse had a cable, nobody would've put it on a plate of tomato sauce. It does explain it's slow, gooey movement however. That's one problem solved.

Rory wants to visit. I wonder if I can convince TOWER to bring him out for our next conference? A lunatic in a bunny suit can only be good for business.

My good friend Stilly (Stillbert as he's affectionately known) is off to Seattle to see if he can get "a job" at Microsoft. (My other friend, Simon thinks that it's really part of a grand plan to collect all the linux hackers and detonate them. ) For some strange reason I had this vision of a giant penguin dancing down Microsoft Way playing a pan pipe, with a crowd of pasty linux nerds in a conga line bhind him...

"Yeah - we saw this cool Tux , and like we followed him coz he was dancing down the road in front of the campus at Microsoft."

And then Tux opened a door in the side of Building 19, and all the linux hackers disappeared were never seen again...Bwahaha!

I hope nothing like that happens to him. But man, it would be ever hillarious if it did.

Why is there no implementation of Secure Sockets in the .NET framework? That is retarded. (Of course, it will be fixed in Whidbey. Many things, including world hunger will also be fixed by Whidbey. )

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