Thursday, October 25, 2007

Idle Hands, the Devil and Heffeweisen

Just cleaning the kitchen after a busy days worth of work on the infovark project. Sometimes you have those days where you feel you're working your very hardest, and yet, things seem to go backwards just to spite you. After a solid 6 hours worth of code, less then 2% of the 300+ unit tests that we've written were passing. Oh well. I guess you get that on the big jobs.

I was just pondering, as I was scrubbing those pesky pans (does it ever seem to you that all pans seem perpetually dirty? It's just like you're cleaning them, but you can't really scrub off anything more than one layer of dirt. Pan dirt is special. I think it contributes to much tastier food.)

Anyway - oh yeah - pondering. I was thinking how sad it is that no matter how well humans adhere to whatever their particular religious code may be, that there will always be someone somewhere else who would view them as condemned to some kind of hell. If you're the world's most pious Christian, then the Orthodox Jewish faith would see you as going to hell. And the Muslim folk. And a bunch of other, not quite exactly the same but similar divisions of the Christian faith.

If you're the best Buddhist ever, and you never even step on an ant or swat a mosquito for your whole life, then, there will be a bunch of Christians who will be honestly very sad that you never "saw the light" and "accepted Jesus into your heart". Your religious peers may well revere you, but to everyone else, you're just plain old damned.

It makes me feel a bit sad for all those people striving to be faithful, knowing that somewhere, someone will condemn them.

Personally - I'm an atheist, so as far as anyone else is concerned , I'm going to their own individual religion's version of hell, and I'm okay with that, because frankly, the whole think seems completely nuts.

But scrubbing pans is universal. We all have to do it at some point. In the pan scrubbers religion, nobody is damned. We all get to go to pan heaven, where the stainless steel shines so bright, we all gotta wear shades.

Or something. It's late :)

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  1. > After a solid 6 hours worth of
    > code, less then 2% of the 300+
    > unit tests that we've written
    > were passing.

    Ah, well, there's your problem. You are testing the code you've written? What sort of developer are you? If there's one thing you should have learnt you-know-where, testing is something done by someone else after you've finished all of your coding.

    Oh, wait. You want your product to work.

    I'm sorry that it's been a frustrating time for you.

    And by the way, you're right about religion. Lots of bunches of people thinking they have exactly the right answer while everyone else is damned because their slightly different interpretation of the universe is completely wrong.

    The saddest thing about it is the amount of time devoted to such a stupid and, essentially, pointless pursuit. Well, that, and the number of people killed because of it of course.