Monday, July 10, 2006

Things that made me smile today

The 70+ year old lady I met in line at the store, who told me that she...
"...Really, Really love(d) Pink Floyd. I Think Dark Side of the Moon is the best album ever!"
The street signs in Virginia that say in boldface "DO NOT DRIVE ON SHOULDERS"

The black guy who was having such a great day that he offered to buy the shirt I was buying at Wal-Mart:
"You know, I could buy an alcoholic beverage for a complete stranger at a bar, and people would think I was a terrific guy! But If I bought a complete stranger a shirt, or some peanut butter at the grocery store, they'd think I was some kind of weirdo..."
The world cup presentation ceremony - after the game, the teams lined up to be presented with a medal from three important looking men in suits. One would give them a medal, one would shake their hands, and the third guy appeared to be there to give them a hug. Each player would get a big hug from this weird football official guy. Some of the players looked like they didn't want a hug, but they got one anyway.

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