Sunday, June 04, 2006

Everybody's going surfing!- Surfing FRG...

My on-the-spot European correspondent captured these great shots of a bunch of surf crazy Germans surfing Munich style!

Germany has pretty much No Surf (Well, what an Australian would term 'No Surf' ) - being landlocked on three sides, and while the north and Baltic seas that form the northern border do get occasional action it tends not to be much chop, because Denmark gets in the way, and there isn't really enough fetch to generate decent swell.. Plus, the North Sea... Brrr!

You can find more about Frozen German Microwave Surfing here.

So, a wave can be hard to find. Does that stop these guys from getting pumped and getting out there? Absolutely not!

Just head down to the nearest Stormwater Drain after a decent storm...

No Paddling... No Drop-Ins... No Sharks... No Jellyfish...

What more could a Teutonic Grommet ask for!

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