Friday, April 28, 2006

Nintendo's New Console

Nintendo has just announced, to the internet's astonishment, the name of it's next generation console.

Stand by, and prepare to have the next incredible generation of gaming made available to you through the brand new console, available this November, the Nintendo Wanger

Wanger was a bit of a strange choice for a name, but when you put aside your initial reaction and really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Nintendo has been trying for ages to transcend the more traditional gaming audience, and to reach out for people who traditionally wouldn't buy a video games console. 'Wanger' is accessible, fresh, innovative, and certainly posesses that human touch that's been missing from the market.

Add to that the marketing potential, and it becomes immediately apparent that 'Wanger' is a much better choice than 'Revolution'. Possibilities for slogans abound! For example:

  • 'Reach out and touch a wanger'
  • 'Shake hands with a wanger'
  • 'Wave your wanger from side to side'
I mean, it really just writes itself! Personally, I'd like to applaud Nintendo's efforts on this one.

I'm going to queue outside my local store so I can be first to ask the sales guy if I can have one.

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