Monday, October 31, 2005

A pox on both our houses.

Well, we only have one. House, that is. But we've got lots of pox!

I've spent this Canberra rainy weekend quarrantined with my kids, who all have chicken pox. It's not a particularly virulent disease, they all seem perfectly fine, just, well... spotty. And itchy.

So now I'm working from home (lying in bed, in fact.) It's easy to get things done, but it's a bit lonely. Somehow I don't think the telecommuting revolution will ever really happen.

A bit like the XML revolution. Remember watching that Microsoft guy drag a project reference out of a Barnes and Noble web page and into Visual Studio.NET, many years ago? Remember how the world was supposed to be inter connected with all these vendors publishing their catalogs in XML and SOAP? Whatever happenned to that? Weren't all the computers supposed to be doing all the work, and all the humans just lazing around on the beach?

And what's with the whole "Year 2000" thing, and NOBODY HAS ANY JET-PACKS? No silver space suits with upside down fish-bowls on our heads! No cool vacuum powered transport systems! No Flying Cars!


viva la revolutions, people.

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