Thursday, July 28, 2005

TCT Good, you buy.

During a meeting today where we were discussing product futures, the subject of the TRIM Connectivity Toolkit came up.

(The TRIM Connectivity Toolkit is a feature of TRIM Context 5.2.3. It's a SOAP/WSDL interface which allows developers to write code from any platform to integrate with TRIM Context.)

All members of senior management were unanimous in the assertion that the TCT was an excellent product, and that it was right up there with the most successful development projects run at TOWER.

So, a big congratulations to Stilly and Simon for a job well done. If you're writing TRIM code, you should really check it out, (it's available now) because it's a great way to get the job done when you can't use COM, or you need your smart HTTP client to work through a firewall - the possibilities are endless. Okay, not really endless, but there are a lot.

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