Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Things I wonder...

If people with perfect pitch can tell what note they just farted...If every generalization comes from people's lack of ability or desire to see the fine details...If Apple put podcasting into iTunes 4.9 because of the name...If America is a real place, or just something invented for TV... Why modern cars seem to be designed from the headlights out...Why it is that software projects always cram more stuff into the schedule than reality will actually allow...Why matter attracts matter...Why it is water lilies have more genes than anything else...what to strive for next...If skill is just persistence plus luck...What disasters befell the testers of Preparations A through G...If people love celebrities because they don't have enough friends...Why I can't have references at the solution level in Visual Studio 2003...If Google can make any money when they're giving away things as amazing as this for free...If people who understand Kanji sometimes see words written in their poo...if blogging is really going to change the business world, or if it's just a bunch of people gibbering crap like this...


  1. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Google world,Just like world wind that you can download for free on the nasa site.

  2. Yeah... at 18 times the size!