Thursday, January 06, 2005

Micro Snips - The days are just packed

I've really been enjoying Eric Sink's posts on Micro ISVs and finding a product idea. (A Micro ISV is a one person sideline enterprise. ) I think I've got a good idea for my enterprise, which I'm going to reveal once I've figured it out in more detail.

Meanwhile, I should reveal that this aforementioned (and bold and italicized) enterprise has more than one person in it. My wife has endeavored to help me fill in on the bits that I don't understand.

Looking at what else is on the cards, (Where are these alleged cards, anyway?)
This year is going to be full of great software for me. My role as PM at TOWER Software is helping a truly talented team build some innovative stuff around Document Management, Nova Software's LongWire technology is under development, and it has the capacity to revolutionize legacy application management in a Service Oriented Architecture. Add mysterious MicroISV
Project...Surely that's enough for one guy?

And still we are considering more kids...


  1. Anonymous8:49 am

    Nah Gord. I think you forgot to include

    * Surf waves like there's no tomorrow.

  2. Oh yeah - that too. Have you seen the waves at Teahupoo in Tahiti? Man. Paddling out into that line up would require some seriously brown boardies. Do a google image search - you know you want to...

  3. You and my Mum share a birthday (day anyway) so you could go the whole 12 kids like she did????

  4. I don't know If I'd ever be so brave! but then again - it would be a shame to miss out on number 12 - I bet you're glad she did!

  5. Maybe we could get a bulk discount? Here is the other page I'd found on the subject...

  6. It takes two to tango, Ian. Who's your partner?